Ira Styrkur
Author & Producer

About me

I am a 16-year-old author from Sweden whose love for writing has been a lifeline during tumultuous times. While I prefer not to delve too deeply into those challenges, know that writing gave me a sense of purpose when nothing else seemed to work. Seeing the joy and appreciation from those who read my work fueled my desire to continue.
Despite not being an avid reader myself—a sentiment shared by many of my peers due to the slow and cumbersome nature of many books—I set out to write a novel that breaks the mold. I crafted a fast-paced book that packs the story of a 1700-page epic into just 326 pages. It's a stunning piece that I am immensely proud of.
"Shady Rulers" was my initial project, but I put it aside, convinced that its vast plot was too much to manage amidst school, exams, and homework. However, after selling my first book—a deep and captivating fast-paced medieval fantasy thriller titled "Dark Elves witness Retribution" (SE: Svartalverna och Demonerna från Ovan)—in the summer of 2023, I realized I could achieve what I had started.
Ninth grade in Sweden is notoriously challenging, filled with exams and pressure; it's a make-or-break time before high school. But that didn't deter me. I resumed writing "Shady Rulers," developing the story further, and upon completion, I submitted the manuscript. Now, here I am at the start of an exciting marketing phase, holding my first major editorial review for the book—and the future looks brighter than ever.